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January 2021

HGV Driver

By Job Vacancies

Full time HGV  Driver

We are currently looking for a HGV Driver.

We are a large family run company based in Rotherham, servicing South Yorkshire for over 35 years.

This position is full time with optional weekly/monthly pay.

You will be required to drive a range of vehicles within KCM Waste Management’s HGV fleet.

Tasks and duties will include:

  • Driving and general maintenance of company vehicles including skip wagons
  • Safely loading and unloading skips onto your vehicle
  • Safely loading and unloading waste according to site protocol
  • Efficiently and professionally communicate with colleagues, management and customers

Applicants require the following:

  • Valid Class 1 or Class 2 UK driving license free from any disqualifications
  • Clean UK driving license
  • Completed CPC
  • Excellent customer service skills

Please read the full job specification here.

Please send your CV via e-mail to 

Thank you

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Hourly dependent on experience

Sales Representative

By Job Vacancies

Full time Sales Representative opportunity

We are currently looking for a Sales Representative with experience within the waste management sector.

We are a large family run company based in Rotherham, servicing South Yorkshire for over 35 years.

This position is full time with optional weekly/monthly pay. 

This position will see you work closely with all departments to drive sales and identify new leads.

Tasks and duties will include:

  • Selling a range of waste disposal solutions and products
  • Build exceptional customer relationships
  • Drive new business contracts
  • Manage and deliver targets set by management
  • Provide an outstanding level of customer service
  • Work within part of a busy team
  • Maintaining a comprehensive knowledge of the services we provide

Applicants require the following:

  • Previous experience with the waste management sector
  • Proven track record within a sales position
  • Self-motivated and target driven
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English
  • IT literate
  • Confidence and the ability to think on your feet
  • Professional telephone manner
  • Full UK driving licence

Please read the full job specification here.

Please send your CV via e-mail to 

Thank you

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Salary dependent on experience

HGV Technician/HGV Fitter

By Job Vacancies

Full time HGV Technician/HGV Fitter position

We are currently looking for a HGV Technician/HGV Fitter.

We are a large family run company based in Rotherham, servicing South Yorkshire for over 35 years.

This position is full time with optional weekly/monthly pay. 

This position will see you become part of a versatile team of HGV Maintenance Technicians.
You will be undertaking all levels of maintenance and repairs, in addition to completing standard servicing and diagnostics.

Tasks and duties will include:

  • Daily inspections
  • Defect rectification
  • Breakdown assistance
  • MOT preparation
  • General housekeeping
  • Completion of job sheets

Applicants require the following:

  • Previous experience within this role is vital
  • IRTEC certificate
  • Cat C1/C/C+E (HGV Class 2 or 1)
  • Knowledge of refuse collection vehicles
  • Diagnostic experience

Please read the full job specification here.

Please send your CV via e-mail to 

Thank you

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Hourly dependent on experience

KCM waste management services through covid

Our Waste Management Services Throughout COVID-19

By News

Here at KCM Waste Management, we have been able to remain open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including all national lockdowns and local government tiers.

We are, as always, prioritising the health and safety of both our staff and customers.

Due to this, we have adapted all of our services to now be able to provide contactless deliveries and collections.

We have ensured our services remain fully functional for both domestic and commercial customers, things have been disrupted enough this year and we wanted to ensure your waste disposal was not one of them.

As with all businesses, our staff are required to follow strict COVID-19 measures and will not be attending work if they or members of their household are showing any symptoms.

We are continuously following all government protocols as and when they are updated, all customers would be notified if their service were ever to come into disruption.

My Local Council Tip is Closed, Where Can I Dispose of My Waste?

We have seen many local council tips close due to staff shortages, social distancing, and the unprecedented volume of people wanting to dispose of their household waste.

During this time, our own tipping site based on Ginhouse Lane in Rotherham has remained open for the disposing of all household waste items. If you would like a quote for tipping at our site, or to check whether we can accept your items, please give us a call on 01709 361 144.

How We Are Supporting Local Businesses

Our Trade Waste is still very much up and running for all businesses which are able to continue throughout lockdown. If you have unfortunately been forced to close down, just let us know. We can pop your service on hold and even remove your bins so that you don’t have to worry about theft or vandalism.

How We Are Supporting People in the Office

During these new and changing times, we are finding hazardous waste streams such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) becoming more and more common within normal business environments, outside of healthcare settings such as hospitals and care homes.

We would recommend providing extra, separate bins for your staff to dispose of all PPE. And anything additional which could also have been contaminated such as disposable cutlery and food packaging. These should be regularly emptied to prevent build up and can be collected by our ‘Man in a Van’ service. This would involve visiting your site independently to collect your hazardous waste and bring it back to our site to be disposed of both safely and legally.

How We Are Supporting People Working from Home

Working from home has become the new normal during 2020 and along with this comes new practices and laws that you need to be aware of.

The most common service currently requested by staff members working from home is confidential waste disposal. Confidential waste is any document that holds any private information about either an individual, supplier, customer, employee, or business.

By law, you are legally required to dispose of this separately from other waste and following the UK General Data Protection Act 2018. This ensures all confidential waste is disposed of by a responsible person or company to the BS EN 15713:2009 standard.

KCM provides a convenient and cost-friendly confidential waste disposal service direct to your door. If you produce any of the below list, you need to have this disposed of via a licensed waste company.

  • Invoices, order forms, statements, and banking details
  • Letters, emails, and memos
  • Employee and payroll information
  • Customer and supplier information
  • Financial data and supplier information
  • Medical information
  • Company information

How We Are Supporting Homeowners

As always, our expert Skip Hire service has been running continuously throughout all COVID-19 regulations and remains to do so.

No matter what your project, we can provide contactless delivery on a wide range of skips to dispose of all waste streams. We provide nationwide skip hire so no matter where your project is, KCM can provide the same reliable skip hire up and down the country.

If you would like a no-obligation quote, call us on 01709 361 144 and we would be happy to help.

What Our Customers Think to Our Service During COVID-19

“KCM were brilliant! We ordered a skip online & chose the delivery date. I was kept updated throughout on my order, delivery, pick up etc. Not to mention, their skip prices are very reasonable. Will deffo be using these in future if we ever need a skip again & will recommend to all my friends! Thank you :)” – Bethany

“Brilliant! I booked online which was simple, quick and easy! It arrived bang on time, we filled it sooner than expected so it was ready for collection before the ordered collection day, so gave them a call and they collected it the same day! So quick and easy! Also liked how I got txt updates to let me know when the driver was on his way! Great service! Would recommend!” – Kerry

“I’ve used KCM twice now and both times they were excellent. Arrived when they said, delivered skips fully socially distanced. And when I called to arrange pick up they came the same day on one occasion and the next day on the other. Great service and very friendly staff.” – Donna

wood waste

The Huge Importance of Recycling Your Waste Wood 

By Trade Waste

Around 5 million tonnes of wood waste is generated per year, with only 1,400,00 tonnes being recycled. Wood recycling is one of the best sources of renewable energy and is very easy to recycle for a low cost.

It is estimated that UK businesses alone produce 2 million tonnes of wood waste. So it is particularly important that businesses choose to recycle their waste wood instead of opting to send it to landfill.

It is highly cost-effective to recycle wood rather than disposing of it within your general waste. Meaning your company saves money in the long run.

Another problem with choosing not to recycle wood is the environmental impact caused. If we recycled more wood, then fewer trees would need to be cut down in order to create new products.

For businesses, in particular, maintaining a low carbon footprint is essential for your corporate responsibility. Increasing your recycling rates can be a very easy thing to achieve. And it will reflect very positively on your company and create a selling point for many customers.

As a lot of waste disposal services charge for your waste based on weight, it is actually more economically friendly to choose to recycle rather than landfill!

What Type of Wood Can I Recycle?

Almost all wooden products and structures can easily be recycled.

Types of wood regularly recycled include:

  • Packaging
  • Pallets
  • Solid timber
  • Posts
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Garden structures
  • Wooden toys
  • Furniture
  • Gates

Do you have an item not listed above and are unsure whether this can be disposed of with your wooden waste? Just give us a call and we can offer some expert advice!

How Is Wood Waste Recycled?

Wood is one of the easiest materials to recycle and can be used for a wide variety of things.

Popular uses for recycled wood include building materials, paper production, and animal bedding.

Arguably the most common use for recycled wood is as fuel. We use a high percentage of the waste wood we collect to fuel our recycling site and offices on Ginhouse Lane, which decreases our carbon footprint and making us a very environmentally site!

As trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, burning wood for energy is carbon neutral. With the cost of fossil fuels consistently rising and the impact of using these growing more and more concerning, using wood to power buildings will inevitably become more popular over the next few years.

Where Can I Recycle Wood?

When it comes to recycling your wood waste, there are a number of viable options.

From commercial waste bins to full site clearances, wood recycling is completely flexible and can be collected through a range of methods, as outlined below.

Business Wood Recycling

Does your business produce wood waste as either a by-product or just from unavoidable packaging waste? We can provide commercial waste bins ranging from a 240lt to an 1100lt to be emptied at your convenience.

If you produce a higher volume or frequency than this, you could opt for a permanent or one-off skip or roll on off to be placed on your site.  Our skip sizes range from a 3 tonne all the way up to a 40-yard roll on-off.

If you frequently produce a high quantity of wood, we can even provide specially made skips for any additional requirements you may have, such as doors or locks.

Household Wood Recycling

Here at KCM, we provide expert skip hire for domestic customers. We can deliver your skip directly to your home. And we even take care of your council permit if you need to leave your skip on a public road.

If you don’t have enough to fill a skip, you can always drop your wood recycling at our fully licensed site in Rotherham. Alternatively, our Man in a Van service can visit you at your home to collect all of your recycling. We will load the van and remove all waste, making the process simple and stress-free!

Ready to Recycle?

To book any waste wood collection service, call our friendly office team on 01709 361 144 or email, we would be happy to help!

To find out more about our various collection services, click the links below:

Trade Waste Bins

Skip Hire

Man in a Van/Site Clearances


Gravel: Which Type is Right for Your Project?

By Aggregates

Does your project require gravel aggregates? If you are new to purchasing aggregates or are just unsure as to which gravel would be best for your project, read our guide below.

Gravel is a broad term for a growing range of loose aggregates. These can be used for groundwork such as gardens, paths, and driveways. Gravel by definition is usually angular or rounded stones, roughly 5-20mm in size, of any colour.

Using gravel as décor or to create a path on your garden reduces long term upkeep and creates a more livable and usable area. It is a very cost-friendly aggregate, is easy to source, and with such a wide range available, there is always something to suit your specific project.

Gravel can also be used for other functionalities such as drainage within soil, and as a base layer under tarmac.

What Can Gravel Be Used For?

There is a wide range of uses for gravel, the most common including:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Base layer under tarmac
  • Mulch
  • Drainage
  • Pebble dash
  • Patio bases
  • Garden décor

Which Type Should I Use for My Project and What Depth?

­­For the use as a surface dressing, you can use more costly aggregates as well as cheaper alternatives such as limestone chippings. This can be a more budget-friendly way of creating a driveway or garden path, providing you are using a good sub-base. You can read our blog about selecting the best sub-base for your project here.

For a loose surface dressing, gravel around 6-20mm is recommended. This size range is suitable so that it’s not too small to spread too easily when walked upon, but not too large so that it is difficult to use as a path or drive.

As a general rule, for a pathway, you want to be looking at a size of between 6-10mm and 10-20mm for driveways, however, this is only a suggestion.

A very popular question when it comes to using gravel is, what depth should I have?

This does highly depend on the type used, the standard recommendation is to have a minimum depth of twice the size of the gravel used. Any larger and the ground would be too deep and unstable, any thinner and the ground would be exposed very quickly due to movement.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Gravel is usually a popular choice due to being such a cost-effective yet attractive option for a wide range of uses.

An aggregate such as this allows for a well-kept appearance, whilst requiring minimal upkeep and ongoing costs. Unlike other materials, it can be used at any point after purchase, the quality doesn’t diminish over time.

Another positive for using gravel is that it is easily maintainable with a standard weedkiller if necessary. Therefore your upkeep costs are kept to a minimum.

An unexpected selling point is actually the sound created by any movement. If you choose to use this aggregate for your driveway or path, this can be very off-putting for potential burglars as any car or person walking on top would create noise.

As with all aggregates, gravel has its negative points. Unfortunately, it can become quite widespread if not properly contained and may need re-filling if this does happen, in order to still cover the desired area effectively.

Do I Need A Permit for A Gravel Driveway?

Some local councils do require you to possess a permit in order to gravel your driveway. It generally depends on where you live and your particular driveway.

You should check this prior to purchasing any aggregates or starting any work.

Where Can I Purchase Gravel Aggregates From?

Our KCM Aggregates department offers both high-quality products at competitive rates. And the expert knowledge required to best recommend the right aggregate for your project.

We supply a wide range of recycled and primary aggregates for all projects.

Still not sure what you need? Just give us a call and we would be happy to help.

To enquire, call Ian Harrison on 01709 762 267 or email

tipper hire

Tipper Hire: Everything You Need to Know

By Aggregates

The completion of construction projects in a cost-efficient and timely manner is often crucial, but can prove to be a difficult task. So, it’s no wonder that tipper hire vehicles are so widely used to help assist with a variety of projects.

Tipper hire vehicles are light, commercial vehicles that are open at the back, with low sides and a hinged tailgate. Their design makes them perfect for moving large volumes of materials or waste, and they can save you a lot of time and money.

At KCM we’re experts in tipper hire and recycling. So if you’re thinking of hiring a tipper for your next project, read on to find out everything you need to know:

Best Uses for Tipper Hire

Tipper hire is a great solution for easily transporting a wide range of primary aggregates, recycled aggregates, and soils. The most common types of these materials are:

  • Sands
  • Gravels
  • Subbases
  • Pipe bedding
  • Engineering clays
  • Capping materials
  • Clean crushed stone
  • Topsoil

The materials are placed in the flat bed at the back of the vehicle, which is open and has low sides, making it simple to fill. The mechanism allows the flat bed to raise at the front, so that the materials can then be tipped out of the rear of the vehicle.

Due to their size, tipper hire vehicles are also commonly used for full site clearances and waste removal. If you have a large amount of waste that needs removing quickly, then tippers can be a brilliant solution.

At KCM, any waste that we collect is then brought back locally to our waste transfer site in Rotherham.

Through a process of screening and crushing the waste, we then produce a recycled hardcore aggregate 6F2 to wrap protocol, which is compliant with current British and European standards.

Who Requires Tipper Hire?

Tipper hire can be a great option for both commercial and domestic projects. However, they are most commonly required by the below customers:


From DIY home projects, to large-scale commercial developments, construction often relies heavily on the removal and delivery of large quantities of heavy materials. These often include soils, hardcore, gravels and more.

A site manager on a construction site is also legally obliged to ensure that all waste is properly disposed of. Making tipper hire a great, cost-effective, and efficient option for a lot of construction sites.

Landscape Gardeners

As a landscape gardener, you will likely require a large number of aggregates and materials such as soils and gravels delivering as closely to where you’re working as possible.

Likewise, you will generate a large amount of garden waste that will need removing swiftly. With a multi-purpose tipper vehicle, the transportation for both can be completed with ease.

It can also be a useful way to transfer soil from one area of the garden to another in excavation projects.

Why Hire Rather Than Purchase?

By hiring a tipper from a certified waste management company, such as KCM, you will be provided with a fully trained and licensed driver. This means you don’t need to worry about how best to operate the vehicle, and means you don’t need to get a licence to operate one.

Vehicle manufactures, such as Citroen, also suggest it would be worth hiring a tipper vehicle, rather than purchasing one. This is because people generally only require tipper vehicles for occasional or one-off needs, so hiring is a much more cost-effective solution. As with any vehicle, they obviously also depreciate over time, too.

By simply hiring a tipper as and when you need one, you don’t need to work about the maintenance of the vehicle. Being a vehicle that constantly carries very heavy loads, the maintenance of tippers is huge and can become costly.

Where to Hire a Tipper in South Yorkshire

At KCM Waste Management of course!

Our modern fleet of tipper hire vehicles carry up to a whopping 20 tonnes at a time. All waste collected by our tippers is processed at our transfer station in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

All of our tippers are maintained to the highest possible standards. Ensuring they are 100% site safe and that they perform at their peak level during the hire period you choose. So you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

We are able to provide our tipper hire and grab wagon services locally. Mainly throughout the areas of Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, and Worksop.

Are you interested in tipper or grab wagon hire? If so, get in touch with our team here. Or give us a call on 07736 290 273.

skip hire west yorkshire

Where to Find Skip Hire in South & West Yorkshire

By Skip Hire

If you are looking to hire a skip in and around South and West Yorkshire, it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin!

When disposing of waste, whether it is domestic or commercial, it is your responsibility to ensure this is disposed of both safely and responsibly. Many cheaper skip hire companies do not have the correct licensing to transfer waste and therefore, will end up fly tipping your waste.

With so many companies offering skip hire at reasonable rates, it is important that you choose an experienced, reliable, and environmentally friendly business.

At KCM Waste Management, we’re experts when it comes to skips and recycling. So, we have outlined a simple guide to hiring a skip for your project in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire:

How Do I Know If A Skip Hire Company Covers My Area?

The vast majority of skip hire companies will now offer an online direct booking portal where you are able to enter the postcode of your site to check they service your area and for what price.

You can check your postcode on KCM’s online booking here.

Alternatively, you can call the company directly to query any site address. Usually, if the company doesn’t cover an area themselves, then they can recommend a reliable local alternative!

How Do I Choose A Reliable Skip Hire Company?

There are a few ways to find a skip hire company that is both reliable and experienced.

Asking for recommendations from family and friends can be a great start to your search. But the below methods will ensure you have made the best choice.

Check Review Sites

There are numerous review sites that can help provide real experiences from previous customers.

Checking reviews is usually the best way to ensure you are hiring from a reliable and professional business. If a company does not post their reviews or feature on other reviewing platforms, this can be a bad sign.

Take a look at KCM Waste Management’s TrustPilot reviews here:

Do Your Own Research

It is beneficial to yourself to conduct your own research when looking for a new skip hire company.

All companies should be willing to provide their waste license number and all other relevant accreditations. A waste license is provided by The Environmental Agency and is a legal requirement of any waste carrier or site.

Any reputable skip hire company will have this readily available to provide. Along with a full explanation as to where your waste goes and how exactly it is recycled.

Find an Environmentally Conscientious Company

Particularly in this day and age, it is very important that whichever company you choose to hire from is environmentally friendly. They should be committed to recycling as much of their waste as possible. And most importantly, not just sending it to landfill.

You may not be producing enough waste to warrant having a different skip for each waste stream. So you should be able to rely on your skip hire provider to sort through the contents and recycle accordingly.

Here at KCM Waste Management, we are proud to be a zero-to-landfill site. We work extremely hard to ensure we recycle as much as we possibly can.

By using KCM Skip Hire, you are safe in the knowledge that all waste collected is brought back to our fully licensed site to be recycled, and not tipped elsewhere. Every single skip and bin brought back to our site is hand sorted to ensure all that can possibly be recycled is separated and processed.

Ensure They Are Experienced

As with any service you use, it is essential that you find an experienced company for your skip hire. This will ensure the process is as smooth as possible. And that the company is able to provide expert advice, no matter the query.

If you are unsure of what type of waste you have or which skip size would be best suited, our expert office team are more than happy to help.

With an experienced company, you know you will be receiving the skip most appropriate for your waste and it will arrive when you expect it to.

Ready to Book Your Skip in South or West Yorkshire?

KCM Waste Management provides a reliable and experienced skip hire service throughout South and West Yorkshire. We cover the following areas:


  • Rotherham
  • Sheffield
  • Doncaster
  • Barnsley
  • Chesterfield
  • Worksop


  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Wakefield
  • Huddersfield
  • Halifax

Can’t see your area listed above? We also cover nationwide skip hire! Just give us a call for a no-obligation quote today on 01709 361 144 or message us on Facebook.

commercial skip hire

Commercial Skip Hire: Our Top Tips

By Skip Hire

As a business, commercial skip hire can be a great, cost-effective solution to help dispose of your waste.

Whether you’re planning a New Year office clear-out, or revamping a restaurant, you are likely producing huge volumes of waste. So ensuring your waste is disposed of safely and in an environmentally friendly way is crucial.

Hiring a skip can cause a few headaches if it’s something that you haven’t done before. So if you’re looking to hire a skip for your business, here are some of our top tips:

Choose A Skip Supplier That Covers Nationwide!

Although our headquarters is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, we actually offer nationwide coverage!

Does your business produce waste over multiple locations? Or perhaps you’re a construction-related business that regularly works across various sites throughout the Nation?

If so, choosing a commercial skip hire supplier that covers nationwide takes all of the hassle out of it for you! Rather than trying to find multiple skip suppliers in various locations, working with just one nationwide supplier means we can organise all of the delivery and collections for you.

It also means that you only have to have one account open with a skip supplier. And you have just one point of contact, no matter where you are in the UK.

At KCM, we work with only the most reputable suppliers throughout the nation. So if you’re looking for nationwide skip hire, get in touch with us for a full quote.

Choose the Correct Commercial Skip Size

When ordering your skip, it’s handy and commercially valuable to ensure you hire the right size. You don’t want to order one that’s too big as you could essentially be paying for empty space.

However, hiring a skip that’s too small could mean you then have to order another. This will then end up costing you more. And it could also result in very costly delays to your project.

At KCM, we offer commercial skips in a wide range of sizes. Our commercial customers normally opt for one of our larger sized skips, such as an 8 tonne, 12-yard, 14-yard, or 16-yard skip. Or you may choose a roll on roll off skip, which are heavy-duty and can hold up to 440 bin bags.

You can view our full range of skip sizes with more information about each here.

Load Your Skip Efficiently

Once your skip arrives, you could save space and money by getting a plan together of the most efficient way to load it.

You should load the heaviest or biggest items first. That way, smaller items can fit into the gaps to ensure it’s filled as condensed as possible.

Consider Access and Location for Your Skip

If you require a commercial skip at a busy construction site or similar, then checking of any access restrictions with the site management is crucial.

Likewise, if your skip will be placed at your commercial premises itself, then you should ensure that it can be in a position where it won’t block access for any neighbours or visitors.

Skips should be placed in a location where there is minimal disruption to other vehicles coming in and out. But it will obviously also need to be placed as close to your business premises as possible to ensure that it can be loaded easily.

Check if You Require a Skip Permit

Don’t forget that you may need council permission to have a skip. If your skip will be placed on private property such as your business premises or a driveway then this won’t be needed.

However, if you’re looking to place it on any public space such as a road then you will require a permit from the local council.

At KCM, we take care of all of this for you on your behalf.

Check the Types of Waste That Can Be Put in a Skip

In general, there are just a small number of items that can’t be put in a skip. Depending on the type of industry your business is in, you should be aware of any restrictions that may affect you.

The main restricted commercial items are hazardous waste, paints and solvents, clinical items, excessive food waste, asbestos, and large electrical items. A full list can be found here.

You can also find a full list of all the types of waste that are able to be disposed of in a skip on our website.

Decide the Best Commercial Skip Hire Collection Service for you

It’s important to think about how long you require your skip for. And also the service that would work best for you.

Most businesses opt for an exchange service. Whereby the driver leaves your skip with you for a certain period of time to allow you to dispose of your waste as it builds up.

If you require a skip at a busy site, then you may decide a wait and load service would be best. This is when the driver drops the skip off, waits 30 minutes for you to fill it, and then takes it straight back away for you. This could be a great option if space is an issue. It also prevents any risk of fly-tipping.

Similarly, rather than ordering multiple skips, a cost-effective option is the tip and return service. This involves the driver delivering your skip. Then returning it back to the site to empty it and then bringing it back for you to re-use again. This is a good option if you have a large amount of waste to dispose of within a short period of time.

Choosing KCM for Your Commercial Skip Hire

With over 30 years’ experience in skip hire, we’re very proud to have built a fantastic reputation within South Yorkshire and throughout the nation.

Choosing KCM is also an environmentally conscious choice. We are proud to recycle 94% of the waste we collect. And we’re committed to operating as a zero-to-landfill waste centre.

Are you interested in commercial skip hire for your business? If so, get in touch with our team on 01709 361 144 or you can request to book your skip, here.


waste recycling centre

What Types of Waste Can My Business Recycle?

By Trade Waste

It is estimated that the UK generates over 41 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste every year – no wonder companies are looking for ways to recycle more!

Luckily there are lots of different types of waste you can recycle, to do your bit for the planet. Below we’ve detailed a little about each of them, however, if you need to know more then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trade waste team who are on hand to offer advice.

Types of Recyclable Business Waste


Paper and Cardboard

One of the most obvious types of recyclable waste is of course paper. Here at KCM, we offer a confidential waste disposal service. Whereby your documents are taken to our plant for shredding in secure bags then reused for a variety of different purposes.


If you use glass bottles or any other glass products in your business, then they can be recycled completely. Check to see which type of bin you’d need when you speak to one of our team.


When you think about the trade waste you can recycle, plastic might not spring to mind. However, lots of different types of plastic can be recycled, simply check the symbol on the packaging. If you’re unsure we can advise on how it should be disposed of.

Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridges can be seriously impactful on the environment if they’re not recycled. By taking them to a trade waste disposal company you’re allowing your cartridges to be melted down and live life again as a brand-new cartridge!

Food Waste

Depending on the type of business you operate, you might find you have a lot of food waste at the end of the day. By recycling your food waste you’ll be helping to produce biogas. This can then be used to create heat, electricity, and transport fuels.

Electrical Products

Business owners must dispose of any electrical products in line with the government’s WEEE guidelines. This ensures that electrical goods are disposed of safely and that components are recycled where possible to avoid electrical waste going to landfill. At KCM we offer a WEEE disposal service to businesses of all sizes. Get in touch to find out more.

Tins and Cans

Tins and cans are another type of trade waste that your business can recycle. Amazingly they can be recycled time and time again without losing any of their quality.


Typically, batteries need to be sorted by type before they can be recycled. If your business has a large number of batteries and you want to know how you can avoid sending them to landfill, our trade waste team will be happy to advise you.

A Few Ways to Reduce Your Business Waste

Instead of thinking about the type of waste you need to get rid of, you could start thinking of ways your business could reduce waste in the first place! Below we’ve provided just a few ideas to help you get started:

Go Paperless – All workplaces tend to have a mission to go paperless, but how many of us actually achieve it? Investing in technology can be a great way to encourage paperless working. However, if your industry relies on physical proofs or documents, think about simple changes such as printing double-sided.

Buy Reusable Products – Invest in reusable water bottles for your team. For example, to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in your bins.

Educate Your Team – By educating your team whether that’s through training courses or simple in-house posters, you’re giving them the tools they need to make more conscious decisions when it comes to the waste they dispose of at work.

KCM Business Waste: Our Process

We’re happy to collect waste from anywhere on your commercial premises or from a home-based business.

Your waste will be collected by a member of our fully trained and uniformed refuse team on an allocated day of the week. We’ll arrive onsite and remove your waste with as little disruption as possible to your working day.

Once your waste arrives at our fully licensed recycling centre in Rotherham, it is separated, cleaned, and recycled accordingly.

We are proud to recycle 94% of the waste we collect, and we’re committed to operating as a zero-to-landfill trade waste centre.

Get in touch with our Business Waste and Bin Hire team

At KCM we’re serious about our commitment to the environment. We turn a large amount of waste into biomass fuels and aggregates.

We have a dedicated in-house team who work with businesses across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire to provide effective waste solutions.

They’ll happily provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your business.

If you’re interested in commercial waste solutions, then get in touch with our team on 01709 794 888 or email