As all businesses experience cutbacks this year, one way you can reduce your expenditure is by reducing the amount of waste your business produces! Businesses can unknowingly overspend on their waste costs by having bin sizes and services beyond their needs.

Even if your bin service is suited to the amount of waste produced, you can still save money by creating less waste! By putting in place a proper waste disposal plan and selecting the right provider, you can really strategize around your commercial waste and save yourself some money!

The cost of landfill and waste removal grows and grows each year, so you can really benefit your business in both monetary and environmentally conscious ways by being more conscious of your disposal process.

We have listed our top 7 ways to reduce your waste volume which could mean major savings for your business:

1) Go Paperless

It is so easy for businesses to take big steps towards being paperless in today’s day and age.

Not only does this reduce the cost of your paper recycling and confidential waste disposal, but it also decreases your spending on paper, ink, and printing services.

Even something as simple as ensuring all printers are set to print double-sided can make a significant difference in the long run!

2) Reduce Packaging

There are a lot of simple ways to reduce single-use packaging in your office.

As such a large portion of your business waste is created by packaging alone, cutting down on products with a lot of packaging can make a vast difference.

Cutting back on packaging not only benefits your waste disposal budget but also how environmentally friendly your business is. A selling point for the vast majority of consumers is finding a company that is conscious of its environmental impact. So reducing your packaging also becomes a selling point for your business.

3) Eradicate Bottled Water

An easy way to encourage your staff and visitors to avoid single-use plastic water bottles is to always have mugs and glasses on offer for them to use instead.

This also works for office cutlery and plates! Investing in these will save you money in the long run.

4) Audit Your Business’ Waste

Any waste management company which offers a Trade Waste service should be more than happy to visit your site and offer a bit of advice on which size bin you should opt for. As well as how regular you may need a collection.

If you already have a commercial bin service, you may even consider whether your bins are too big for what waste you are actually producing. You can then get these swapped to a smaller size, therefore, reducing the cost.

5) Purchase Reusable Products Where Possible

Ensuring your business uses reusable products is an easy and effective way of reducing waste.

Try using soap dispensers in the bathrooms instead of multiple plastic bottles of soap. Or a reusable towel in the kitchen area to replace single-use paper towels.

6) Dispose of Your E-Waste Properly

WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) waste can become very hazardous. It, therefore, has to be disposed of in a responsible way.

These items cannot be placed in your normal council or commercial bin so need to be recycled separately.

7) Donate Old Furniture Items

Instead of incurring the cost of paying a company to collect and dispose of your old office furniture, if it is in good working order you could just donate this to a charity for re-use!

A lot of charities which sell furniture in their stores will even collect this for free, the time it takes to call and enquire could save you a small sum!

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Ensuring that recycling at your site is convenient and accessible can make these changes really effective. We can visit your site to advise on how many indoor and outdoor bins we would recommend. And which waste service would suit you best.

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