Whether you are a new start-up or a long-standing business, it’s important to ensure you’re not overspending on your waste disposal service. KCM provides a wide range of commercial bin sizes as part of our trade waste disposal service to customers throughout South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire.

We design our flexible and tailored service specifically for your business requirements. This means you’re not paying for a bin that’s too big or collections that are too frequent!

No matter what industry your business is in, by law you are required to ensure your waste is not fly-tipped, which is the illegal dumping of waste to avoid disposal costs. You must also make sure your waste is securely contained on your premises so that it cannot be disrupted or made a nuisance for the local area.

Overfilled bins can mean your business incurs additional charges by either your waste management company or your local council. However, having bins too large for your needs means you will be overpaying for a service you don’t need!

Here at KCM, we are more than happy to conduct a site visit to ensure the bins you book for your site are suitable and cost-effective for your company.

Any waste disposal company you choose to work with must be licensed and properly authorised to dispose of your waste in a safe and legal manner. You must also keep evidence of how your waste is disposed of for any audits or council checks.

What Commercial Bin Sizes Are Available?

It is essential that you select the right sized bin for your business so that you don’t end up overpaying for your service!

Our bin containers are listed as follows:

General Waste Polystyrene Bag

45.5cm W x 99cm H

Dry Mixed Recycling Polystyrene Bag

45.5cm W x 99cm H

240lt Two Wheeled Bin

74cm D x 58cm W x 108cm H

3-5 Black Bin Bags

360lt Two Wheeled Bin

90cm D x 60cm x 110cm H

6-7 Black Bin Bags

660lt Four Wheeled Bin

79cm D x 123cm W x 123cm H

10-12 Black Bin Bags

1100lt Four Wheeled Bin

110cm D x 123cm W x 130cm H

15-20 Black Bin Bags

6 Yard Front End Loader

210cm D x 180cm W x 200cm H

8 Yard Front End Loader

240cm D x 180cm W x 280cm H

How Do I Know Which Commerical Bins I Need?

First of all, you need to decide which waste streams you are going to be needing to dispose of.

Our main 4 waste streams are General Waste, Mixed Glass Recycling, Cardboard and Paper Recycling, and Confidential Waste.

You also need to consider whether you will need your bin emptied weekly or fortnightly. Usually, you should opt for a weekly collection so that your waste isn’t sat on-site and risking being tampered with.  However, if you do choose a fortnightly collection, you possibly won’t need as large a bin.

Smaller businesses will usually find they need a larger sized general waste bin and smaller for their next most common waste streams. It’s important that you regularly assess your waste needs so you don’t end up overpaying or incur additional charges.

As a new business just starting out, it can be useful to simply look at your competitors! A check as to how many bins they have and which waste streams they are producing can give you a good idea as to what you made need for your company.

If you are unsure which commercial bin sizes you will need, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01709 794 888. We can then come out to your premises to price your service tailored for you.

Looking for A Business Glass Waste Collection?

Does your business produce glass waste? If so, you need to ensure your bin container is designed to collect this. Our glass bins are 240lt meaning that your bin will still be easy to maneuver, should you need to!

With KCM glass waste collections, you also have peace of mind knowing that we put your waste to good use. All of our glass is sent to our partners Beaton Clark, to be broken down and recycled into new glass bottles.

Where Should You Store Your Commercial Bins?

You should always store your bins securely on-site, but this can sometimes be difficult to manage. Some companies opt for a bin store if they have several bins on their site. Or you could opt for a lockable bin to ensure your waste is left un-tampered with.

Wherever you keep your bins on-site, you need to ensure you are able to move your waste easily and safely from your building out to the relevant bin.

Ready to Book Your Commercial Waste Collections?

To discuss your business waste collections, please either email our friendly team on bins@kcmwaste.com or give us a call on 01709 794 888. We would be more than happy to help!