When we think of sand within construction, we often don’t realise that there’s so much choice!

Sands are the finest types of aggregates available and have a wide variety of uses within the construction industry. In both domestic and commercial projects alike, sands, in general, can be used as a bulking and strengthening agent to create building materials. They can also be used for decorative purposes.

At KCM Waste Management, as well as being experts in waste management and disposal, we also offer a wide variety of recycled and primary aggregates, sands, gravels, and topsoil.

We are proud to be able to supply our commercial clients throughout South Yorkshire. Including major cities Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Worksop, and more.

If you’re currently looking for materials for your next building project, you may be surprised to find out that different sands have slightly different uses. Therefore, we’ve decided to put together a helpful blog outlining the variations to help you make an informed decision:

sand tipper

Washed Building Sand

By terms of ‘washed’ we mean that the sand has all of the dust, clay, silt, and any other unwanted materials removed so that we have a pure product and is then left to drain.

Washed building sand is essential for mixing mortars as part of the initial construction stage. For builders, as the name suggests, this sand is mixed with water and cement for bricklaying.

The fine texture and small particles of washed building sand make it the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a smooth finish.

Being a multi-purpose product, it is also popular with plasterers and other trades alike. It is often used for a variety of other building projects including mortar pointing, and plastering.

Washed Concreting Sand

Also commonly referred to as sharp sand or paving sand, washed concrete sand is one of the most popular types of sands within the construction industry.

It is more coarse than washed building sand and is larger in size. Being a versatile product, it’s often used to provide a stable sub-base for laying slabs and block paving. It can also be used for screeding, making concrete based products, and for external rendering on buildings. Washed concreting sand is also very popular for creating patio or seating areas in your garden.

You would normally opt for this over washed building sand if you were looking for more strength and less flexibility.

Dry Screen Building Sand

With very fine particles, dry screen building sand is perfect for mixing to create mortar.

It can therefore be used for laying bricks, blocks, or stone. Due to its thickness, you would normally choose to use motar to build outdoor standalone structures such as walls.

Recycled Grit Sand

As you’d expect, grit sand is the thickest type of sand, and so is also slightly heavier.

It is often used in construction and in gardening products. Due to its drainage properties, it is particularly suited to areas that are prone to be exposed to water.

Recycled grit sand, therefore, creates an ideal subbase for floor screeds, block paving, flagstones, or artificial grass.

Whether you’ve got an upcoming one-off project, or whether you’re a builder looking for regular deliveries, KCM Waste Management can help you. We have a fleet of tipper vehicles available. This means we can provide an unrivaled delivery service direct to your commercial premises or building site.

We offer tipper hire on our vehicles that are able to carry up to 20 tonnes at a time, making them suitable for aggregates and sand deliveries. All of our tippers are maintained to the highest possible standard. Ensuring they are 100% site safe and that they perform at their peak level during the hire period you choose.

If you choose to, you are also able to collect a selection of our aggregates locally from our licensed facilities based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Just simply call ahead to check availability and we will sort the rest out for you.

If you require any further assistance in choosing the right aggregate for your project, then feel free to contact our experienced team. Alternatively, you can contact our aggregates manager directly on 07736 290 273.