Around 5 million tonnes of wood waste is generated per year, with only 1,400,00 tonnes being recycled. Wood recycling is one of the best sources of renewable energy and is very easy to recycle for a low cost.

It is estimated that UK businesses alone produce 2 million tonnes of wood waste. So it is particularly important that businesses choose to recycle their waste wood instead of opting to send it to landfill.

It is highly cost-effective to recycle wood rather than disposing of it within your general waste. Meaning your company saves money in the long run.

Another problem with choosing not to recycle wood is the environmental impact caused. If we recycled more wood, then fewer trees would need to be cut down in order to create new products.

For businesses, in particular, maintaining a low carbon footprint is essential for your corporate responsibility. Increasing your recycling rates can be a very easy thing to achieve. And it will reflect very positively on your company and create a selling point for many customers.

As a lot of waste disposal services charge for your waste based on weight, it is actually more economically friendly to choose to recycle rather than landfill!

What Type of Wood Can I Recycle?

Almost all wooden products and structures can easily be recycled.

Types of wood regularly recycled include:

  • Packaging
  • Pallets
  • Solid timber
  • Posts
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Garden structures
  • Wooden toys
  • Furniture
  • Gates

Do you have an item not listed above and are unsure whether this can be disposed of with your wooden waste? Just give us a call and we can offer some expert advice!

How Is Wood Waste Recycled?

Wood is one of the easiest materials to recycle and can be used for a wide variety of things.

Popular uses for recycled wood include building materials, paper production, and animal bedding.

Arguably the most common use for recycled wood is as fuel. We use a high percentage of the waste wood we collect to fuel our recycling site and offices on Ginhouse Lane, which decreases our carbon footprint and making us a very environmentally site!

As trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, burning wood for energy is carbon neutral. With the cost of fossil fuels consistently rising and the impact of using these growing more and more concerning, using wood to power buildings will inevitably become more popular over the next few years.

Where Can I Recycle Wood?

When it comes to recycling your wood waste, there are a number of viable options.

From commercial waste bins to full site clearances, wood recycling is completely flexible and can be collected through a range of methods, as outlined below.

Business Wood Recycling

Does your business produce wood waste as either a by-product or just from unavoidable packaging waste? We can provide commercial waste bins ranging from a 240lt to an 1100lt to be emptied at your convenience.

If you produce a higher volume or frequency than this, you could opt for a permanent or one-off skip or roll on off to be placed on your site.  Our skip sizes range from a 3 tonne all the way up to a 40-yard roll on-off.

If you frequently produce a high quantity of wood, we can even provide specially made skips for any additional requirements you may have, such as doors or locks.

Household Wood Recycling

Here at KCM, we provide expert skip hire for domestic customers. We can deliver your skip directly to your home. And we even take care of your council permit if you need to leave your skip on a public road.

If you don’t have enough to fill a skip, you can always drop your wood recycling at our fully licensed site in Rotherham. Alternatively, our Man in a Van service can visit you at your home to collect all of your recycling. We will load the van and remove all waste, making the process simple and stress-free!

Ready to Recycle?

To book any waste wood collection service, call our friendly office team on 01709 361 144 or email, we would be happy to help!

To find out more about our various collection services, click the links below:

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