KCM Waste Management provide a thorough and experienced muck away service throughout Rotherham, South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

Not entirely sure what muck away is? In simple terms, you can think of it exactly how it sounds. Our team will visit your site and remove all waste from any location and take it away for you.

Typically, our muck away service is commonly used for construction projects such as excavations and demolitions as these produce such a large volume of waste. However, it also beneficial for various other projects.

If your project is expected to produce a large amount of waste, a muck away service could be a very cost-effective and efficient resolution to remove this from your construction site!

Read on to find out more about muck away and how it can benefit your business premises or construction site:

Muck Away Waste Types

Muck away covers all waste types but is most commonly sectioned into the below three:


Inert waste is unreactive and will either not decompose or will decompose very slowly.

It is typically things such as sands and soils, usually found within your garden waste. Other examples of inert waste include clay, chalk, and rubble.


General waste is most things you would generally place in your generic household bin.

This can include woods, furnishings, packaging, plastic and small amounts of food and glass waste.


Hazardous waste is anything that could be potentially harmful to either the public health or the environment.

This includes asbestos, chemicals, batteries, solvents, pesticides, oils, and hazardous waste containers.

What Happens to My Muck Away Waste?

All waste disposed of with KCM Waste Management is collected by a uniformed driver and brought back to our fully licensed site on Ginhouse Lane in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Once tipped off in our site, your waste is separated into the relevant waste streams and recycled by both machines and a team of recycling operatives.

We are committed to ensuring that 99% of the waste brought to our site is recycled – and we are always working towards becoming a zero-to-landfill site.

What Vehicles Do KCM Waste Management Use?

Our muck away service uses our 8 wheel 32 tonne DAF tipper.

Not sure if a hire wagon would fit on your premises? Take a look at the dimensions below:

Weight 32000kgs
Length 9200mm
Width 2500mm
Height 3450mm
Wheelbase 5050mm

aggregates tipper

If your site does not have the facilities to enable you to load a tipper yourselves, alternatively, we can provide grab wagon hire.

Our DAF CF450 with Atlas grab equipment means we can arrive on site; load using the grab and then remove all inert waste quickly and safely. 

grab hire vehicle

What Aggregates Do KCM Waste Management Provide?

Here at KCM Waste Management, we provide a wide range of primary and recycled aggregates.

If you require aggregates for your project, we can bring these to your site in either a tipper or grab wagon, and take away your waste the very same day.

We provide the below:


– Washed Concreting Sand

– Dry Screen Building Sand

– Washed Building Sand

– Recycled Grit Sand


– Quartz 10mm/20mm

– Chalk 10mm/20mm

– Flint 10mm/20mm

– Concreting Gravel 20 to 5mm

– Washed Gravel 40mm

Pipe Bedding

– Washed Recycled 10mm/20mm/40mm

– Limestone 10mm/20mm/40mm

–  Gritstone 10mm/20mm/40mm


– MOT Type 1 Clause 803

– Type 1 Reduced Fines (MOT Type 3)

Capping Materials

– Recycled 6F5

– Recycled 6F2

– Gritstone 6F2

Clean Crushed Stone

– Gabien

– Clean 125mm/75mm/40mm

Top Soil

– BS 3882 2015

How Do I Book a Muck Away Service in South Yorkshire?

If you would like to enquire regarding the best service for your site or to book a muck away, call our Aggregates Manager on 01709 762 267 or email ian@kcmwaste.com.

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